Welcome friends! You have entered the domain of Strange One- home to artists who rock hard in their own way! Enjoy...

What is Strange One Records all about?

So glad you asked! 

Our story

Strange One was started early in the twenty-first century by a musician/band manager from Atlanta, GA while trying to make a living in New Jersey.  The dream was to start an independent label that would focus on artist development and be flexible in this ever- evolving tech landscape.  Strange One would not be limited to a specific genre, but we work with fresh, unique, and entertaining bands that rock! strange one moved back to atlanta in 2013, and is looking for a few good strange ones!

What now?

Strange One Records provides artist support and management services to artists that we are proud to stand behind!  We also offer consulting services for bands that are starting out or looking to build their following. We have music and other goodies from our bands in our online store, as well as tasty Strange One apparel and accessories, so that you can be a Strange One too!   

About Strange One

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